Tuesday, November 24, 2009

guitar lessons

After many requests, I have decided to begin giving guitar lessons. It makes sense. Guitars and teaching are two passions in my life. Why not combine the two? I have given lessons before, so the concept is not new to me. Below is the information that I give to new students.

If you are interested in lessons, please contact me at bryan@bryankandel.com.

What to expect

Lessons can last a half hour or an hour. I meet with most students once per week. Because one hour each week is not a lot of time, every minute of the lesson is utilized. We will spend time learning guitar technique and theory. I believe in the little and often approach to learning guitar. Holding, fingering, picking and strumming the guitar will be new to the muscles in your hands. We will exercise them for awhile and then rest them while we focus on the theory side of the guitar (exercising the mind while the fingers rest). Practice habits at home should also follow the little and often idea. I also believe in the idea of contextualized learning - or seeing the big picture first and then working to get there. In my Spanish classes, I do not begin by teaching students the tedious tasks of learning language. We start by seeing the complete language used in context. This allows students to see what they will be able to do. It increases motivation and enables students to persevere. In the same way, when I teach guitar, I begin by showing students what they will be able to do, and then we work on the steps to get there.

How to succeed

Playing the guitar is a fun and rewarding experience. However, learning to play can be a challenging task, especially at the beginning. Many people have an old guitar in the closet that they tried to play for awhile before abandoning. Even more claim that they “would love to be able to play the guitar” and yet have not tried. What is the difference between those who wish they could play and those who do play? Many believe that the difference is a matter of talent or ability. However, the real difference is commitment. Becoming a good guitar player requires practice, perseverance and patience. Those who are willing to work hard and endure the struggles at the beginning of the process reap great rewards later on. Practice is essential. Students who practice new techniques between session are able to proceed much faster during lesson times, which makes the experience more enjoyable.

Rates and policies

1/2 hour guitar instruction: $10
1 hour guitar instruction: $15
Bundle of four 1-hour lessons paid at the beginning: $50

* I request at least 24 hours advanced notice of a cancellation
* Between sessions, students will always have practice exercises to complete.